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ref: 7213f4a34d6b3bda61e6764d46980ef059adccdb
parent: acc45bda27cbeaa75f72d1d7ff2d460fe7d37d5e
author: sl <sl@deckard>
date: Sat Oct 7 22:14:29 EDT 2023

/lib/theo: You get to adapt to what we produce.

--- a/lib/theo
+++ b/lib/theo
@@ -1041,3 +1041,17 @@
 this is more like a who cares
 What you are trying to do won't work at all.
 You are in way over your head
+I suggest you get over it.
+Nope, that is not correct.
+No, your diff is still wrong.
+Why continue to wonder?
+I make vegeterian meals all the time, with a big slab of beef on the other half of the plate.
+Please don't abuse our time.
+What did you contribute?
+I really don't give a shit.
+What did you gain?
+You have missed other stuff which matters.  Try again.
+Look, I really don't care.
+You get to adapt to what we produce.
+You aren't in any position to change a damn thing in this equation.
+Mailing into the void.