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ref: 93193b645d28bdb34cbf554834024485325f1904
parent: 3c748ebc11c8a7e8513efcdd61a38a56c8ccfb5a
author: ori <ori@cleaver>
date: Sat Jan 3 16:04:08 EST 2009

6c: remove stray non-interruptible temporary warning

we now regsalloc the values, so there's no need for the rathole warning.

--- a/sys/src/cmd/6c/cgen.c
+++ b/sys/src/cmd/6c/cgen.c
@@ -1517,7 +1517,6 @@
 		regsalloc(&nod0, n->right);
 		sugen(n->right, &nod0, w);
-		warn(n, "non-interruptable temporary");
 		sugen(&nod0, n->left, w);
 		sugen(&nod0, nn, w);