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parent: 8a45afd47d2545b2d85aecf9ec5af90cba3905d3
author: sl <sl@y>
date: Tue Jan 30 21:12:49 EST 2024

/lib/theo: there is another possibility is everyone is out to get you.

--- a/lib/theo
+++ b/lib/theo
@@ -1055,3 +1055,22 @@
 You get to adapt to what we produce.
 You aren't in any position to change a damn thing in this equation.
 Mailing into the void.
+Stop right there.
+Oh you hurt my feelings.
+The writing has been on the wall a very long time that some people believe their role in the ecosystem is to reduce software choice and push everyone into vertical software monocultures.
+I do not see evidence to match that claim.
+Don't be ridiculous, there is no point to be so obtuse.
+What will come of this discussion of opinions?
+One idea is for you to just not not do that.
+Are you my boss?
+I won't be testing it.  You will.
+You have no idea what problems you are creating for yourself.
+The way you write, it sounds personal.
+No, it is *your misunderstanding*
+Please leave.
+We owe you nothing.
+Go away.
+there is another possibility is everyone is out to get you.
+What you want isn't how it works.
+I'm out of here.
+ha ha ha