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60e52edb – Jacob – 2022-08-17T11:27:30-04:00
Revert "tidy drawlock use"

5f606aa3 – Jacob – 2022-07-12T03:27:38-04:00
gui-wl: track Kalt state

bab0c799 – Sigrid – 2022-07-08T16:25:52-04:00
wayland: release pointer/keyboard on seat capabilities change

44f57781 – Jacob – 2022-06-25T04:43:55-04:00
gui-wl: grab monitor size from compositor

54f615f6 – Jacob – 2022-06-25T04:42:19-04:00
tidy drawlock use

29c1eaaf – Jacob – 2022-06-16T00:16:30-04:00
Revert "kern: remove useless sleep in resizeproc"

b2c6c279 – Sigrid – 2022-06-13T18:37:17-04:00
wayland: add F1-F12 keys

38504896 – Sigrid – 2022-04-02T08:28:10-04:00
Make.linux: add -Wno-parentheses (shut up, gcc)

a8a4b24b – Jacob – 2022-03-04T22:43:12-05:00
gui-wl: dont bind more then one seat

6b448b9b – Sigrid – 2022-03-02T11:07:49-05:00
wayland: clean up, copy less and remove locking on frame done callback (a bit faster redrawing)

efe20ef7 – Sigrid – 2022-02-28T14:15:24-05:00
wayland: add Kmod4 support

1baf2ac1 – Sigrid – 2022-02-28T14:11:34-05:00
wayland: reset key mod state when leaving the window, do not repeat key mods (fixes Shift+Mouse)

e0f03e16 – Sigrid – 2022-02-08T18:44:09-05:00
pipewire: set node name to "drawterm"

79762603 – Sigrid – 2022-02-05T18:52:43-05:00
wayland: simplify pointer axis handler

c66b817c – Sigrid – 2022-02-05T18:35:54-05:00
wayland: simplify mouse button handler

0e7c0305 – Sigrid – 2022-02-04T11:16:09-05:00
wayland: keep the same pointer surface, but mark it dirty to redraw properly

94ba334d – Sigrid – 2022-02-04T11:15:26-05:00
wayland: always handle new pointer position on "enter" and set set the cursor image

af720a92 – Sigrid – 2022-01-20T12:21:48-05:00
gui-wl: lock redraw in "done" callback now that the things are placed correctly

dbee6192 – Sigrid – 2022-01-19T19:50:53-05:00
gui-wl: mark surface damaged only in areas that changed

5e5cd807 – Sigrid – 2022-01-19T18:46:07-05:00
gui-wl: do not hold the lock, otherwise compositor locks up for the duration of the redraw

5c08d0f7 – Sigrid – 2022-01-19T18:43:24-05:00
gui-wl: simplify shared object creation

ccfb14a8 – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T18:40:21-05:00
kern: fix pipewire audio backend

f6c5c276 – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T15:42:00-05:00
linux: set CC to cc by default

88965499 – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T15:27:16-05:00
gui-wl: enable Khome, Kend and Kins

6414ab8f – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T15:23:14-05:00
gui-wl: enable Kshift

025f31b7 – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T15:21:20-05:00
gui-wl: enable Alt

c78edf54 – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T15:14:57-05:00
gui-wl: use pipe2 with O_CLOEXEC

c53aae4a – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T15:13:42-05:00
gui-wl: set primary selection

9d09c931 – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T12:38:02-05:00
gui-wl: check clip content before strduping (fixes a crash)

e8c4489e – Sigrid – 2022-01-18T12:37:34-05:00
gui-wl: remove empty generated files on wayland-scanner errors

7c06cf76 – Jacob – 2022-01-17T23:50:21-05:00

fc0d3855 – Jacob – 2022-01-17T23:43:07-05:00
gui-wl: handle pgup and pgdown

2894b8f2 – Jacob – 2021-10-13T20:38:12-04:00

dd78daef – Jacob – 2021-10-13T19:50:27-04:00
gui-wl: use event time in repeatstate

1f5a91b0 – Jacob – 2021-10-13T02:58:21-04:00
add pipewire playback support

671477fd – Jacob – 2021-10-12T20:09:38-04:00
Provide cursor hot spot to wayland

dd03ed16 – Jacob – 2021-10-12T11:21:32-04:00
wayland: handle arrow keys and key repeat

4d482dfb – Jacob – 2021-10-12T11:20:45-04:00
wayland: ensure we grab the drawlock for writes to the frame buffer.

375b0049 – Jacob – 2021-10-12T11:19:40-04:00
remove misplaced 'static'

c5cba49d – Jacob – 2021-10-12T11:16:30-04:00
Fix compilation when using -DPTHREAD

4c9f5697 – Jacob – 2021-10-12T11:15:57-04:00
kern: remove useless sleep in resizeproc

f3e0b459 – Jacob – 2021-10-10T09:48:35-04:00
add wayland backend

bee4db65 – Ori – 2022-06-03T22:02:39-04:00
openbsd: gcc is no longer the default, and the default CC is fine.

75c9d51d – Amavect – 2022-05-22T18:48:37-04:00
silence runestrchr while(assign) warning

e60c1d73 – Amavect – 2022-05-06T21:59:22-04:00
get 64-bit windows to work

65a922cc – glenda – 2022-05-14T22:46:23-04:00
drawterm.1: update SOURCE link (thanks, christos)

3b5a50f3 – Sigrid – 2022-04-02T07:35:03-04:00
devcmd: fix perm "no-change" comparison on wstat

68e61c65 – Sigrid – 2022-04-02T07:27:04-04:00
Make.unix: add -Wno-parentheses (shut up, gcc)

fdad581b – Sigrid – 2022-04-02T07:22:50-04:00
devdraw: printmesg: implement "z" fmt arg (safe since printmesg is disabled)

1361c96b – cinap_lenrek – 2022-03-27T16:37:10-04:00
libsec: fix wrong tls1.0 prf regression

600869ad – Sigrid – 2022-01-07T14:29:56-05:00
x11: shut up about random selection requests that drawterm ignores anyway

e4adfd00 – Sigrid – 2021-12-18T14:48:24-05:00
readcons: force signed char (fixes password entry on arm). consider -fsigned-char instead

fae0e8ab – Tobias – 2021-11-29T10:48:19-05:00
Make.linux386: -lm

51afb6e1 – Sigrid – 2021-11-10T13:15:48-05:00
x11: reset mod4 state when focus changes

5eaaeb08 – Sigrid – 2021-11-09T18:18:58-05:00
x11: enabled Kmod4

c824c497 – Sigrid – 2021-11-09T18:11:09-05:00
factotum: fix a memory leak

61ee60d7 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-11-08T20:55:47-05:00
devtls: reject zero length records (thanks sigrid)

67284dd2 – Sigrid – 2021-10-26T10:40:12-04:00
devaudio volume: expose pcm, skip unavailable handles

2d15857c – cinap_lenrek – 2021-10-23T09:54:40-04:00
add dirchanstat() from 9front to handle seek bug

2c1e8515 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-10-22T09:39:18-04:00
libsec: fix wrong assert condition

51d6c97c – cinap_lenrek – 2021-10-17T19:59:47-04:00
libc: fix missing <ctype.h> include for strtod

dd00a157 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-10-17T19:42:55-04:00
libsec: fix bugs in tls extension handling (thanks kemal)

e9853213 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-10-16T11:13:01-04:00
devtls: implement "hangup" control message

e65af5d4 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-10-08T08:45:56-04:00
Fix fdclose conflict in drawterm (thanks Christos Margiolis)

823eea4c – cinap_lenrek – 2021-10-03T13:58:44-04:00
chan: minimize differences with 9front...

c6f547e1 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-10-02T13:46:30-04:00
devtls: fix bwrite memory leak when channel stops being open (from 9front)

f1a4a546 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-08-31T04:06:31-04:00
gui-x11: fix uninitialized vars bug for screeninit() window position (thanks Nicola Girardi)

9620904e – Lorenzo – 2021-08-13T23:39:50-04:00
Merging echoline's android and fbdev forks

a130d441 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-08-02T14:33:28-04:00
gui-win32: delete utf-16 routines, just use WideCharToMultiByte()/MultiByteToWideChar() kernel32 functions

dbe5ea12 – kemal – 2021-08-01T15:36:34-04:00
gui-win32: add support for surrogate pairs in rune16 functions

c97fe469 – Sigrid – 2021-06-28T15:29:39-04:00
drawterm/gui-cocoa/screen.m: fix SEGFAULT during cursor updates (thanks Igor)

df9c9a8f – cinap_lenrek – 2021-06-20T10:47:03-04:00
libsec: move zero check to curve25519_dh_finish()

368599de – glenda – 2021-06-19T11:07:14-04:00
libsec: add curve25519 and adjust ECpriv point access

4eeb8bcb – glenda – 2021-06-19T10:55:40-04:00
libsec: various changes to tls (import from 9front)

0e9b2f46 – glenda – 2021-06-17T03:49:23-04:00
implement simulated mouse buttons for Mac laptops similar to plan9port.

4b2ebe94 – glenda – 2021-06-13T15:58:51-04:00

8fad5143 – Ori – 2021-06-13T08:20:59-04:00
license: it's all mit, baby.

8fde26c4 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-06-04T14:57:55-04:00
win32: remove unused argv0 variable (clashes with main.c)

e104d959 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-05-04T19:52:20-04:00
drawterm: properly handle enf of file in readstr() (from 9front cpu.c)

7b58000c – Sigrid – 2021-04-14T14:46:13-04:00
x11: reset Kshift state on focus change until we find a way to reset all modifier keys state

c6e96174 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-23T09:58:36-05:00
kern: remove per-process information from devcons

cfda4c39 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T18:04:43-05:00
add preliminary riscv64 support from archlinux (thanks Sören Tempel)

d744632a – kvik – 2020-11-18T17:01:01-05:00
devaudio-sndio: use a documented default device string

3b85c767 – mischief – 2020-11-09T13:30:08-05:00
gui-x11: handle WM_DELETE_WINDOW messages

76ddc13f – Ori – 2020-09-26T16:03:30-04:00

e93e6aac – Ori – 2020-09-26T14:14:16-04:00
freebsd: AUDIO=unix works, so use it. Tested on 12.1

afadbd7a – Ori – 2020-08-29T15:34:29-04:00
osx-cocoa: ensure array is non-empty before indexing

7ba254af – cinap_lenrek – 2020-06-24T12:42:41-04:00
cpu: remove /env/PASS to avoid leaking password to the remote system

566f2779 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-06-19T17:18:15-04:00
Add devenv to provide exit status for rcpu (thanks Fazlul)

11729e23 – Sigrid – 2020-06-19T10:52:35-04:00
arm64/tas: use atomic builtin when possible, fixes drawterm on aarch64 android

18dbc24c – Sigrid – 2020-06-19T10:19:42-04:00

b44945b7 – Sigrid – 2020-06-19T10:18:44-04:00
Make.unix: -lm (for frexp)

d4043e96 – Ori – 2020-04-27T17:19:37-04:00
fix drawterm compiles using gcc 10

bf3a3cdf – joe – 2020-04-23T15:52:37-04:00
get the WM_NAME and WM_CLASS from the environment

07155bd7 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-04-23T13:49:16-04:00
remove unused macro from chan.c (from 9front)

c4faf3aa – joe – 2020-04-23T09:14:44-04:00
x11 set wm properties needs a display flush to work

e40ce258 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-04-21T13:45:39-04:00
remove cpu specific _sha1block() and _md5block() functions

7aab5c79 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-04-21T13:16:39-04:00
add arm64 support (thanks mpmkp2020 from alpinelinux)

f4cc7901 – Alex – 2020-04-19T02:34:47-04:00
devip: replace "net" with "tcp" in dial strings regardless of host part

05702a29 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-04-17T22:26:52-04:00
x11: add -g geometry arg to set window position and size (thanks joe9)