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ref: 76ddc13f7d22c5ba35c56b9073ec0ca4c85446f0
dir: /kern/error.c/

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char Enoerror[] = "no error";
char Emount[] = "inconsistent mount";
char Eunmount[] = "not mounted";
char Eunion[] = "not in union";
char Emountrpc[] = "mount rpc error";
char Eshutdown[] = "device shut down";
char Enocreate[] = "mounted directory forbids creation";
char Enonexist[] = "file does not exist";
char Eexist[] = "file already exists";
char Ebadsharp[] = "unknown device in # filename";
char Enotdir[] = "not a directory";
char Eisdir[] = "file is a directory";
char Ebadchar[] = "bad character in file name";
char Efilename[] = "file name syntax";
char Eperm[] = "permission denied";
char Ebadusefd[] = "inappropriate use of fd";
char Ebadarg[] = "bad arg in system call";
char Einuse[] = "device or object already in use";
char Eio[] = "i/o error";
char Etoobig[] = "read or write too large";
char Etoosmall[] = "read or write too small";
char Enoport[] = "network port not available";
char Ehungup[] = "i/o on hungup channel";
char Ebadctl[] = "bad process or channel control request";
char Enodev[] = "no free devices";
char Eprocdied[] = "process exited";
char Enochild[] = "no living children";
char Eioload[] = "i/o error in demand load";
char Enovmem[] = "virtual memory allocation failed";
char Ebadfd[] = "fd out of range or not open";
char Enofd[] = "no free file descriptors";
char Eisstream[] = "seek on a stream";
char Ebadexec[] = "exec header invalid";
char Etimedout[] = "connection timed out";
char Econrefused[] = "connection refused";
char Econinuse[] = "connection in use";
char Eintr[] = "interrupted";
char Enomem[] = "kernel allocate failed";
char Enoswap[] = "swap space full";
char Esoverlap[] = "segments overlap";
char Emouseset[] = "mouse type already set";
char Eshort[] = "i/o count too small";
char Egreg[] = "ken has left the building";
char Ebadspec[] = "bad attach specifier";
char Enoreg[] = "process has no saved registers";
char Enoattach[] = "mount/attach disallowed";
char Eshortstat[] = "stat buffer too small";
char Ebadstat[] = "malformed stat buffer";
char Enegoff[] = "negative i/o offset";
char Ecmdargs[] = "wrong #args in control message";
char Etoolong[] = "name too long";