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7d7ddbc1 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-09-11T17:44:20-04:00
libc: bring strtod() in line with plan9's (ape) libc version

8294a496 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-09-11T07:30:26-04:00
replace custom randfill() with prng() calls, remove rand()/nrand() definitions from kernel

3d14bcb3 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-09-08T13:19:18-04:00
aan: dont break connection on write error...

35ab5a74 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-09-08T03:54:25-04:00
libmp: update mptov.c and mplogic.c from 9front

00c19a0e – stanley – 2016-09-06T17:26:33-04:00
add Make.freebsd

2fdbfe6d – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-28T20:13:02-04:00
libmp: remove unused mpeuclid.c

cc706364 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-28T20:12:42-04:00
libmp: allow passing nil to v,x,y results of mpextendedgcd(), simplify mpinvert()

90baca83 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-28T18:46:51-04:00
libmp: mpnrand from 9front

3084c763 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-28T13:28:16-04:00
import secalloc()/secfre() from from 9front

88f161d1 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-28T12:02:13-04:00
libmp: sync with 9front

17da0b9d – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-27T21:44:07-04:00
strtomp: update the returned char* even if there were no characters parsed (from, fix mpbits() call in octal code

bc73cbac – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-21T08:03:23-04:00
kern/posix: remove srandom()/random() code for entropy gathering, will always use /dev/[u]random

62ab8e7c – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-21T08:02:01-04:00
kern/devip: add t9fs service

0f3bdd70 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-20T21:56:03-04:00
devssl, devtls: merge with 9front

fc582333 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-20T21:42:33-04:00
kern/win32: remove #include <libsec.h> (was there for sha1)

7d6b0ad1 – 23hiro – 2016-08-20T21:38:25-04:00
devip-posix.c: replace PADDRINFOA with addrinfo structs

313cf410 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-20T21:20:35-04:00
libmp: mptrunc: normalize after mpassign to handle the case b==r (from 9front)

c9ff32c9 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-20T21:12:39-04:00
devip: return multiple addresses in /net/cs for dial(), handle ipv6 for windows

d14cd19f – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-20T21:09:57-04:00
kern/win32: use RtlGenRandom() instead for randrom source, fix oserrstr()

58bf8cb8 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-08-06T11:47:38-04:00

0594c6d1 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-07-31T14:47:43-04:00
update libauthsrv, use common readcons() function

354d513a – cinap_lenrek – 2016-07-18T05:04:49-04:00
devmouse: implement swap, scrollswap and buttonmap mousectl

289afc11 – 23hiro – 2016-07-12T06:10:15-04:00
gui-x11: add scroll_lock key (thanks 9fuser)

6bfea395 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-06-21T17:40:48-04:00

4ed08f43 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-06-21T17:39:51-04:00
gui-win32: fix clipping code

261a80f0 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-30T02:35:39-04:00
remove unreachable sysfatal() calls after exportfs(), exits(nil) on eof in exportfs

6ffcc16c – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-29T22:55:26-04:00
reduce error verbosity, hang when panicing in graphics mode

50746b16 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-29T20:26:08-04:00
rcpu: post final hangup note to the group after rc exits

8bd7505d – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-29T19:14:33-04:00
devcons: simplify line editing logic

3a32c071 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-29T12:24:39-04:00
fix some compiler warnings

8d356984 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-28T20:21:22-04:00
do screeninit() in devdraw at attach time, fix type for setterm() prototype

a9725511 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-28T19:55:05-04:00
handle cooked mode eof

850af541 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-28T18:51:08-04:00
raw mode

94161e04 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-28T14:29:53-04:00
just read stdin for readcons() until i figured out tty raw processing

65d683ba – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-28T14:07:43-04:00
provide dummy _getch() function for unix, fix mouseinit() crash

c38bce11 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-05-28T12:49:39-04:00
add -G flag to disable graphics mode

78a654c8 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-26T07:44:18-04:00
make tuttle glenda icon for gui-x11

f85ef344 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-25T16:44:03-04:00
libsec: update ecc and tlshand (sync with 9front)

72da0579 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-19T18:42:50-04:00
don't leak /env/fn#server into the environment when using aan

691adfab – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-17T15:31:08-04:00
remove -C flag, cleanup

5b50d2da – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-17T14:33:24-04:00
remove -d flag (was unused)

c1f45eb4 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-17T14:21:23-04:00
add -O option to disable new rcpu protocol, accept -h option just like cpu

1077af5b – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-17T13:19:59-04:00
sync with 9front libsec and devtls, c2name() -> chanpath()

efa00ae6 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-14T19:53:33-04:00

b86ca0bf – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-14T19:52:34-04:00
fix error print in p9any negotiation (thanks Kenji Arisawa)

b9347940 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-10T20:19:22-04:00
reverting this megashit

40db9d53 – 23hiro – 2016-04-10T19:30:20-04:00
gux-x11: Alt key: if alt was pressed during focusout send a second alt to get out of composition mode on focusin.

fad4eb92 – sl – 2016-04-06T17:18:03-04:00
gui-x11/x11.c: fix [thing] (thanks, k0ga)

8406d230 – aap – 2016-04-05T08:58:34-04:00
changed cursor to plan 9 cursor

fa752996 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-04-03T17:24:12-04:00
devkbd: return multiple messages per /dev/kbd read (helps with high latency links)

b7491323 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-26T17:39:25-04:00
drawterm: fix auth method string (p9 vs p9any)

3b45a5cf – aiju – 2016-03-24T13:38:58-04:00
remove extraneous typedef from tlshand.c

3e13a4a3 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-17T18:01:24-04:00
term: only call flushmemscreen() when we got the drawlock

50dcc5c0 – 23hiro – 2016-03-17T15:01:00-04:00
gui-x11: fix ctrl key release event

09d3c3c9 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-15T09:55:42-04:00

7a73fd88 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-15T09:55:09-04:00
handle role= and !hex= key attributes in secstore p9sk1/dp9ik keys

4e34729a – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-15T04:46:31-04:00
fix build for osx/x11 on amd64 (thanks Kenji Arisawa)

7768cd9a – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-13T17:12:20-04:00
gui-x11: handle shift, ctl, caps keys

081c1f21 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-12T07:29:58-05:00
libsec: remove weakCipher[] array check as we do not support any of these weak ciphers

c8d84a80 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-10T15:02:21-05:00
fix sparc and mips getcallerpc() return type ulong -> uintptr

b7cd7074 – sl – 2016-03-10T14:03:47-05:00
add Make.openbsd and kern/devaudio-sndio.c to support sound on OpenBSD (thanks jpm_)

a583f0d9 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-09T21:09:50-05:00
pass zeroed buffer in fversion syscall instead of 9P2000 for iounit negotion

c89f3940 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-09T14:58:29-05:00
implement iounit() as kernel function, try to set iounit to 64K before mount on remote side

b5e697fd – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-09T13:54:50-05:00
devtls: fix wrong iounit

082f1a3a – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-08T10:21:13-05:00
add -B option to disable /dev/kbd

673e3de9 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-07T15:01:28-05:00
implement aan support for rcpu

b5259817 – 23hiro – 2016-03-06T17:20:27-05:00
readme: visual studio is now officially broken

bd39efd4 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-03-01T05:30:59-05:00
libsec: fix verifyDHparams() for version <= TLS1.1

6703a455 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-28T23:00:15-05:00
devaudio-win32: dont burn cpu when wave block is busy

cdcc2bf6 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-28T22:14:15-05:00
devaudio-win32: quick and dirty audio playback driver for windows

86573f1a – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-28T05:48:52-05:00
libc: fix sign extension bug for GBIT64()

76af4ec0 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-28T04:51:35-05:00
win32: fix warnings

181023b0 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-28T04:34:29-05:00
lib: add strtoll() prototype

c9098197 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-28T04:33:50-05:00
win32: unicode command line, fix showfile

15d8e4cb – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-28T03:49:01-05:00
libauthsrv: remove opasstokey()

aa8d3d79 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-28T03:10:45-05:00
libsec: have 16 32-bit words in DigestState to avoid out of bounds warnings for poly1305

2ad858a3 – khm – 2016-02-28T02:48:14-05:00
x11: work around incompatible libc types

3f419d1c – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-27T21:25:48-05:00
kern: allow Dev.create() to return a Chan* to bring it in line with 9front kernel

df77799e – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-27T21:09:06-05:00
import devdraw from 9front

17b41aef – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-27T20:08:12-05:00
remove lib/codereview hipster shit

9e58d45f – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-27T20:01:53-05:00
gui-osx: fix attachscreen() prototype (untested)

af5fa79b – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-27T19:50:31-05:00
libip: update parseip() from 9front

7b844275 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-27T19:39:29-05:00
libdraw: remove unused static log2[] array

a08fb228 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-27T19:13:17-05:00
update libdraw code to 9front version, cleanup x11 code

5dc9cad6 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-26T22:26:51-05:00
/dev/kbd support for rcpu (requires updated kbdfs on remote side)

b1032467 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-25T02:53:52-05:00
bring back /dev/audio, sorry :-)

9731b2c5 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-25T02:31:01-05:00
fix devfs-*.c to not use cname hack to get file path, get rid of MAXPATH limit, make root accessible under /mnt/term/root

39347ab4 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-24T18:39:41-05:00
don't expose secstore secrets in /mnt/term/dev/secstore

162ce8d8 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-24T18:30:51-05:00
devip: dont need to set cv->owner, its a static buffer

63e826c1 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-24T18:04:29-05:00
devip: fix ipgen() so /mnt/term/net becomes usable

7d633eeb – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-24T06:25:41-05:00
gui-x11: fix unicode chars in clipboard (use utf8string vs XA_STRING) (thanks BurnZeZ)

8349bbae – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-22T19:12:28-05:00
README: add description

62eede69 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-21T22:57:20-05:00
update binaries url

ef6d7a8a – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-21T22:22:53-05:00
provide secstore key separation for proto p9sk1 and dp9ik

d8586354 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-21T14:38:23-05:00
remove .gitignore

0a8a66a4 – cinap_lenrek – 2016-02-21T14:37:46-05:00
devfs-posix: use stat->st_dev<<32 | stat->st_ino for qid.path

47ee1007 – 23hiro – 2016-02-20T22:04:10-05:00
CONTRIBUTORS: delete incomplete list to minimize maintenance costs and avoid bad feelings.

7d2ec9b8 – 23hiro – 2016-02-20T21:55:12-05:00

08a8630d – 23hiro – 2016-02-20T21:53:32-05:00
simplify README

68fe504f – 23hiro – 2016-02-20T18:27:56-05:00
Ask for cpu and auth servers when none are specified on cli or environment, be consistent with plan9 boot. Most helpful on windows.