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273c4bff – Ori – 2021-01-29T21:29:01-05:00
Mail: fix inverted reply-all condition

bee6271a – Ori – 2021-01-29T20:34:47-05:00
Mail: rewrite.

319e625b – Ori – 2021-01-28T21:07:48-05:00
screenlock: use initdisplay(2), top the window (thanks stuart morrow)

a5517fca – Ori – 2021-01-26T21:07:04-05:00
news: make -a and -n get along (thanks lyndon)

21e5726f – Ori – 2021-01-24T12:58:39-05:00
cc: mk clean should delete cc.a$O

5b8b5884 – Ori – 2021-01-23T23:36:09-05:00
5l: fix shifts by zero

f76e28cb – Ori – 2021-01-23T23:03:07-05:00
ape/libm: add back fmod, remove modf

988bdd05 – Michael – 2021-01-23T22:47:12-05:00
[9front] ape: remove _SUSV2_SOURCE guard from inttypes.h

443d5256 – Michael – 2021-01-23T22:46:57-05:00
[9front] nusb(4): fix typo

e8b8cec9 – Michael – 2021-01-23T21:28:08-05:00
[9front] cc: fix comparison warning with constant LHS

a8834acf – Michael – 2021-01-23T21:26:34-05:00
[9front] cc: remove unnecessary 128-bit add function

ed2b1d5c – Ori – 2021-01-23T21:02:46-05:00
upas/fs: fix swapped argument, dead code

f164ee6d – Ori – 2021-01-23T19:38:32-05:00
upas/runq: fix typo

51319cc5 – Ori – 2021-01-23T19:05:21-05:00
upas/runq: bring back -a

41f85d46 – qwx – 2021-01-23T18:58:47-05:00
ape: update mkfile for removed fmod.c

bd5af0df – Ori – 2021-01-23T16:20:09-05:00
vnc: I don't like your face.

f321298c – Ori – 2021-01-23T14:03:05-05:00
upas/runq: support parallel queue processing, drop -a

5e20e8f9 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-23T12:42:46-05:00
vt(1): document optional command argument (thanks sl)

6d012d2d – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-23T09:53:56-05:00
ape: apply infinite recursion in fmod() fix (thanks jxy and ality)

b5c7158f – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-23T09:06:30-05:00
syscall: don't rely on . being in $path (thanks Silas)

a9e70446 – Sigrid – 2021-01-22T11:48:41-05:00
nusb/kb: correct Mod4 scancode (125 → 91, to match what kbdfs has)

90251761 – Sigrid – 2021-01-22T04:57:43-05:00
aux/acpi: do not expose empty files

6a78bb2e – Sigrid – 2021-01-22T04:15:36-05:00
stats: don't query battery and temp as often when using acpi

1047b53e – Ori – 2021-01-19T22:56:38-05:00
ape/libap: fix _startbuf, check rfork return (thanks pixelherodev)

50efe185 – Ori – 2021-01-19T21:14:53-05:00
webcookies: remove straggling custom date parser

417dc79c – Ori – 2021-01-19T21:12:30-05:00
upas/ml: touch the artwork

161560d8 – Ori – 2021-01-19T18:18:57-05:00
dd(1): update manpage to match program

cb7ba0e6 – Ori – 2021-01-19T18:15:12-05:00
dd: error with invalid size suffixes, add 'm'

67c15c1e – Sigrid – 2021-01-19T09:04:40-05:00
mothra: linkify text starting with gemini:// and ftp://

8781283f – Sigrid – 2021-01-19T08:14:28-05:00
mothra: resolve urls on middle click. helps with snarfing of relative urls

b3548406 – Ori – 2021-01-18T20:55:01-05:00
acme(1): add references to appropriate manpages

8c9cbbb1 – Ori – 2021-01-17T21:01:53-05:00
passwd: make legacy mode explicit

081f98de – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-17T18:51:20-05:00
audiohda: Add AMD Starship/Matisse HD Audio Controller (thanks uramekus)

0abb1021 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-17T15:28:45-05:00
plan9.ini(8): document *nohpet= option

f8787d58 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-17T15:22:23-05:00

bf7e0791 – Ori – 2021-01-17T14:12:18-05:00
seconds: remove junk from usage

1b7d0e1c – Sigrid – 2021-01-17T08:02:17-05:00
dpost prologue: update /radicalex to fix square displacement (thanks umbraticus and Ethan)

999e98b9 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-17T05:55:39-05:00
usbehci: use 64-bit base address, remove resetlck, simplify scanpci()

3240008d – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-17T05:53:50-05:00
usbuhci: remove resetlk, simplify scanpci()

87b1d454 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-17T05:51:59-05:00
usbohci: use 64-bit io base address, disable interrupts before reset, remove resetlck

82c892a6 – Ori – 2021-01-16T19:17:27-05:00
zerotrunc(8): add manpage

48555e78 – Ori – 2021-01-16T19:17:10-05:00
troff2png(1): add manpage

e2e973a3 – Ori – 2021-01-16T17:24:32-05:00
tmdate(2): correct example in manpage

0f3ef52f – Sigrid – 2021-01-16T12:30:50-05:00
tweak: support showdata plumb action (thanks sirjofri)

58b3f96f – Sigrid – 2021-01-15T13:32:02-05:00
9fs: bell labs is very dead

7b12e808 – Sigrid – 2021-01-12T15:08:12-05:00
cal: use Sa/Su in all cases, also simplify the code

72f76091 – Sigrid – 2021-01-12T07:32:38-05:00
cal: fix -s 7

806f97a4 – Sigrid – 2021-01-12T07:23:37-05:00
cal: add -s option to specify the starting day of the week

6103d6ed – Sigrid – 2021-01-12T05:15:18-05:00
audio/flacenc: missed an argument in fprintf()

5d328689 – Sigrid – 2021-01-12T04:13:00-05:00
plumb/basic: handle tga, wav, au, mid and mus

54e1b843 – Sigrid – 2021-01-12T03:24:10-05:00
audio(1): it is 2021 now

b9f2050d – Sigrid – 2021-01-11T10:58:04-05:00
libFLAC/mkfile: update version and build with -DNDEBUG

c789c054 – Sigrid – 2021-01-11T10:17:48-05:00
libvorbis: fix free() called on a wrong pointer

ce82f675 – Sigrid – 2021-01-11T09:45:12-05:00

10237a22 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-10T14:46:07-05:00

c207b78d – Ori – 2021-01-09T15:20:49-05:00
libdraw: add bezierpts

dda99bbf – Ori – 2021-01-06T13:07:10-05:00
9pfid(2): document struct Qid (thanks sirjofri)

888c59c0 – Ori – 2021-01-05T22:48:26-05:00

1787a8b9 – Ori – 2021-01-05T22:37:26-05:00
acid: increase hash size (thanks jonas.amoson)

76ed42e3 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-03T18:24:39-05:00
marshal(1): fix example: upas/mail -> mail (thanks fulton)

92d3abd8 – Ori – 2021-01-02T00:40:00-05:00
ape: unify math.h copies

0e1f4288 – cinap_lenrek – 2021-01-01T23:47:31-05:00
ape: add missing isnan() and isinf() macros for 386 (thanks Jonas)

5991e01e – Sigrid – 2021-01-01T16:58:05-05:00
file: ftyp mp4* is video/mp4 as well

c3b30544 – Ori – 2021-01-01T14:48:39-05:00
sort: fix memory leak (thanks Igor Boehm)

fd1db35c – BurnZeZ – 2020-12-29T14:38:59-05:00
cc: add a couple notes to the comments regarding flags

97a55e03 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-29T13:08:08-05:00
libc/arm: open #c/sysstat file with OCEXEC (internal file descriptor)

fb08e365 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-29T12:45:42-05:00
plumber: open rule files as OCEXEC, to avoid leaking them to sub commands

b7b740a0 – Sigrid – 2020-12-28T15:21:22-05:00
text2post: check font index for out of range

ceeb701a – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-28T15:00:15-05:00
plumber: don't leak srvfd file descriptor into sub processes

67672ffd – Sigrid – 2020-12-28T06:24:47-05:00
plumb: fix wrong click attribute offset (thanks umbraticus)

0596178d – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-27T17:39:28-05:00
kbmap: avoid division by zero when window becomes too small

0e632454 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-27T17:10:39-05:00
aux/vga: remove panning, add screen tilting support

806353ec – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-27T17:08:59-05:00
devvga: implement screen tilting, remove panning and overlays

874e71c8 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-23T07:10:30-05:00
libauth: re-implement procsetuser() to use /proc instead of #c/user

ab103ba3 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-23T07:09:31-05:00
devproc: allow anyone to change user of its own processes to "none"

7bcdd1b5 – Sigrid – 2020-12-23T06:18:07-05:00
libvorbis: 1.3.5 → 1.3.7 (fixes a bunch of CVE and other small issues)

a7a08647 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T20:32:13-05:00
ape: re-implement getlogin() by stating /proc/$pid/status

dced7255 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T20:31:28-05:00
libc: re-implement getuser() by stating /proc/$pid/status

2e6a5e70 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T19:44:44-05:00
fax, psfax, vwhois: use $user instead of /dev/user

cad697d6 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T19:44:10-05:00
B: dont pollute the environment

4675de1b – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T19:43:29-05:00
kill, slay, broke: dont pollute environment, use $user

e45c7480 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T19:42:52-05:00
Kill: don't pollute environment

c8c5499d – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T19:41:52-05:00
start, stop: avoid null list in concatenation witout arguments, use $user

c7fd8fe4 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T19:23:09-05:00
nusbrc: delect lenovo camera

f1152670 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T16:17:44-05:00
kw: use ethermii.c from port/ (thanks stuart)

809a7402 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T13:33:49-05:00
aout2uimage: fix missing \n in usage print (thanks james)

16196298 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T11:44:26-05:00
upasfs(4): fix small typos (thanks igor)

157166d4 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T10:36:45-05:00
kbdfs: fix mistake, remove leftover static user variable (thanks umbraticus and igor)

29f60cac – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-22T10:29:55-05:00
kernel: avoid palloc lock during mmurelease()

2fb5fbbd – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-21T18:47:53-05:00

f2919dfd – Alex – 2020-12-21T18:41:03-05:00
rio(4): list window states in order (thanks umbracticus)

262d5c10 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-21T09:06:04-05:00

a203d904 – Alex – 2020-12-21T08:46:26-05:00
hpost: fix usage text

932995bb – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-21T08:41:10-05:00
kernel: update procsave() comment, we'r not holding up->rlock anymore

41c60689 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-20T17:08:11-05:00
ndb/dns: handle dnskey RR's (thanks moody)

e4ce6aad – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-20T16:34:41-05:00
kernel: handle tos and per process pcycle counters in port/

08c1622b – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-19T13:15:02-05:00
[12kq]l: remove unix compat code for cputime()

0527345e – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-19T12:47:17-05:00
libthread: remove unused _times() function

58e67504 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-19T12:07:12-05:00
kernel: remove Proc* argument from procsetuser() function

eb1dfed9 – cinap_lenrek – 2020-12-19T12:02:37-05:00
libauth: change programs to use the new procsetuser() function