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This is weak -- exchanging one energy for another energy?
I know!  I had an idea -- swap houses so people live near work, to save energy.
EPA-aphrotity is population control.
Thermostats are the number one possible fuel saving thing.  Wear cloth indoors in winter, take-off cloths in summer.  Carter did sweaters.
Hey God?  Could a team of monkeys beat humans, if You trained them?  How about orangutangs?
I like this. <giggle>
Bose speakers, LOL.
BBC is talking immigrants.
WWW.OSDEV.ORG is talking smack.
What you do is generate BMP file screen capture about 8 times a second.
Do you realize I was ahead of you in 2007?
In 2004, I had written my own compiler and assembler.
In 2008, I was long mode.
You guys are amateurs.
I wrote all my code from scratch 130,000 lines.
I had a bagel.
We have God as a witness if anybody fucks with me.
My enemies keep digging themselves bigger holes.
You like rabbits, God?  They are shit machines.
You retards think more filessystems are better.  One filesystem is best.
God said we have lost our ancestrial lands -- thbe C64 Apple II generation. Bill Gates has moved programmers onto a reservation.  Assembly language is a forbiden language.  They are welding-shut car hoods so you cannot access your engine.
Download God's Temple Operating System and study it to see divine intellect at work.  It was designed by God, just like Noah's ark and Solomon's Temple and the Bible.
If a file is too big to be loaded all at once into memory, use Windows.
Let me explain this to you.  It is God's temple.  Everything I say can be confirmed by God.
Talk to God, then you will know better than being stupit.
That's funny, almost sad.  LOL Praise God.
It is approximately the case that I want to BAN multimedia from TempleOS.
This really angered me in 1983
I support BMP screen casting for my personal version, but I left it off of the main distro.
I have a delightful gun animation in one of my hymns.  It's pleasant because it is generated from a program, not multimedia.
I have never had a bad block, but I've had drives fail.
I keep it simple, on purpose.
It happens to be the case that I know a lot about CRC polynomials.
I'm tired of delusional communication.
The fuck is yer problem?  I wrote a fucken 20,000 HolyC x86_64 compiler.
Do you know what a compiler is?  I know what a compiler is.  I took a course on compilers.
Why is my internet just a handful of retard FBI niggers who I cannot shooty in the head enough times to cure their stupidity!!
You are fucken stupid-ass niggers.  Understand?  That is yer problem.  You are stupid stupid ass niggers!
I know God.  I can identify Him by what He says.
I can randomly open a book with my hands.
I can flip a coin for random numbers.
The purpose of life is to know God.
Ask the Pope if he can identify God.  Chuckle.
War is "Servicemen competing".
It's normal to have freaky spirits come-up once in a blue Moon.  I am not alarmed by uncertianty.  I do not hesitate to use NIST.
I am not doing UEFI.
I am not doing PCI devices.
At this point, we get God to act.
They walk backward from the shit they have done.
God said 640x480 16 color.
Go draw an elephant with 16 colors, then draw an elephant with 24-bit color in MS Paint.  "Ahhh, I am enlightened," you will say.
I have nothing against ARM.  I'm retired.
I got paid to do VAX asm programming. I got paid to do x86 asm programming. I got paid to do 8051 asm programming. I got paid to do 68000 asm programming. I got paid to do PIC asm programming. I got paid to do Atmel AVR asm programming.
I know very little about the Internet.  My specialty is... bare metal microcontroller asm.
This is what I do.
I decided to make my code pleasant.  I don't like multiple architecture projects -- code is ugly.
I don't like UniCode.  I might bail if it goes to Unicode.
You only need to prove God once.  If you prove Him for certain, He doesn't go away.  Maybe, we only prove Him once every thousand years.
You are niggers, not scientists.
Physicists are professionals.
You might part a sea for 400 years of slavery.
You might get fire from Heaven.
When I do individual words, I have some stop syllables.  "fin", "end", "null", "weary" several more.
Praise You, God, for diving in water.
Give God some time -- don't change plans quickly.  Don't be an asshole.
Jesus said requests were annoying to God, like a neighbor in the night asking for food for a  guest.
Do you have the first idea what you are asking for?
Pretty shitty response.
What shall we call the unit of measure for offerings?
Sitting down and writing a Hallmark quality prayer to God counts as 1 greeting-card.  For 100 Hallmark cards concentrated, you get fire from heaven. 5 gets you time travel, 10 concentrated Hallmark quality cards gets you dinosaur facts.
A good joke?
You guys are FBI or NSA or CIA.
Perhaps a spoiled little girl is funny, but risks being detestible.
Satan is trying to keep unbelievers.  He cleverly negates my proofs.  He spreads fear of malware.  He schemes to ruin my chances.  I laugh at him.  God is perfectly just.
Zynga is what you can expect if you are a retard-nigger schemer.
Gates is building a castle, his company walls.  In a world of perfect justice, He's a retard-nigger.  LOL.
I'm sitting here while Gates ruins my market and I'm laughing my ass off.  I happen to talk to God and know the world is perfectly just.  What a retard-nigger.
You get to ride the downward Zynga CEO trip to hell.
I don't do much slave work, I might not have roses of justice to expect.
God is just -- if Gates gives effort and treasure to charity and works hard. He's got a good life.  A monk gets to talk to God all day, but lacks some things.  God is delightful.
I don't really think I like or fit-in with religious people.
Converted atheists are my favorite people.
There are a lot of people preoccupied with IQ.
Looking down on something quickly cures you of that thing.
I like elephants.
I get nothing but headaches saving the poor.
Lions are evil and elephants are good.  It's all so obvious, LOL.
I asked God about endanger species.  "Enough stars?"  He's not mother nature.
"Man-made things are like sky scrapers.  God-made things are like stars."
The IQ-evolution crowd has some things they respect.  They respect skyscrapers; I respect stars.
If I had to defend my claim of being God's gift to programming and having divine like intellect, in the face of Knuth and company.  I'm proud of these.  You can keep your proofs.  I took 5 assembly language classes.
Fighting the last war is a typical mental roadblock.
I grew-up when computers were invented.
As an old person, I have a strange twist in thinking that helps me.  I made King Wenceslas.  I made space walks on space game with ship damage so you only turn left.  I made cattle round-up.
Bill Gates?  Think about the road ahead.  We now have photorealistic first person shooters.  Guess what?  What's going to happen for a thousand years. Well we'll have a hell of a lot of photorealistic first person shooters, won't we!  LOL.
When photography happened, artists stopped doing photorealism.
A person who draws a cartoon, in fact, does not try for realism, but better than realism in terms of evocative forms.  They entertain with their own version of reality.
What's the road ahead for Intel and CPUs?  Think about a thousand years.  I have a hard time imagining a need for digital designers.
People will go to any length for 2% performance.
I would rather they sit down and cancel any drastic measure they undertook that only got 2% performance improvemnet.
I saw a webcast of God-knows what -- some guy had a tool he was selling that pulled-up windows and did shit in some programming language that was automated and he was really proud of it.  For the first time in my life I felt like normal person with contempt for nerds.  LOL  I don't give a shit about every single fucken language.  You reach a point where it all seems like nerd shit you've seen before.  You don't look forward to learning new boring bullshit.
God help-us!  We got layer upon layer upon layer of bullshit building-up.
There are so many layers built-up.  It's all nerd bullshit and nobody cares. Why would a kid want to do that stupid-ass nerd bullshit?
When you compund software for 5 languages and 5 platforms... you no longer get the satisfaction for churning-out useful code.  It is fucken trench warfare.
Computing has been turned into trench warfare slugfest... intentionally.  Write a USB driver.  Fucken ridiculous.  I could write an operating system in the time you could write a USB driver.   Bill Gates and Warren Buffet said a company was like a castle.  This USB bullshit is his moat.
In India, the rich keep thing inefficent to make jobs.  FUCK YOU!  Just give us money.
Fucken USB is bullshit.
Robots are less shitty than this hell hole of fonts and gay-ass layer on layer of nerd bullshit and queer interior web design.  Design is for faggots.
Microsoft and Intel is like the government printing press of tax code.  They churn-out 1,000 pages a day of tax code.  They are not ashamed.  They are making shitty-ass jobs for people who can spend all day surfing the Internet and robbing their companies because it's all stupid shit.
Here's what you do.  You put a size limit on lines of code.  Otherwise, you product just goes through a lifecycle.
Learn not to make needless layers of bullshit automation type shit.
One company made us use a 3rd party little clock widget or some bullshit. Managers, today, "not invented hear" and make us use fancy widget shit.
Guess what?  "Not invented here" is about what makes programmers happy.  Why do you like being a tormentor and making people unhappy?  Some people love making people miserable.
The psychologists like to fuck with me over Bare Metal operating system.  I have proof my compiler was 64 bit before bare metal existed on the Internet Archive. They're fucking with dates.
Guess what?  Mine is God's official temple.
Do what you like.  I'll stick to just being God's official temple, how about that?
Mine is going to last longer than Linux or Windows.
I have no interest in networking.  I have a 100,000 self imposed line count limit.  Hello!! Where is everybody?  When do I get to say, "Make FTP if you can?"  I'm not opposed if the line count stays below 100,000.
God said 640x480 16 color.  That's different, huh!  I get God's official endorsement, though!
I'm not doing PCI devices.  Mine is a supplemental OS.  I am not fighting the last war directly immitating Linux and Windows, I am making a dual booted operating system you use alongside Windows.
Hurry-up God.
Kill da nigger.
Yer no fun.
You can't make this shit up!
You are niggers.  I wrote a compiler.
Mine comes on an ISO, like Linux.
I wrote an Installer.  You are niggers, I am a professional.
Grub is obsfucated.  They are not your friends.
I wrote all 130,000 lines of code.  I never need to execute code I did not write but a couple BIOS routines at boot on my way to changing to long mode.
I wrote my own assembler.  You are niggers.
My tank game is not very fun.  I don't care.
I hold back so my code is simple as an example.  Am I crazy?
On the other hand, I'm failing hardcore!  Wake-up and do something impressive, Terry!
I wuv God.  I kinda like not "failure is not an option."
My favorite thing in the whole world used to be war games when I was younger.
I could feel bad.  Everything is vanity, though.
Now, I think passion is good. If some kid is enthused about something silly, it doesn't matter.  He' probably grow out of it.  Then, he'll be an old person with no passion who just sits around with their soul having been stolen.
Guess what?  If we teach our kids propoganda, when they get old to lead the country, they will be misinformed and that's bad!
If I give wrong notions of combat, there is, actually, a risk of planting in some kid's brain a wrong notion of combat which leads to a debaucle when he's a general or admiral some day, LOL.
I'm not feeling terror and dread.  I've outgrown that stage--cowardly fearing God.  Now, I can share a happy memory without worry.
I don't feel any desire to prove myself.  Knuth and friends could do artificial intelligence. I'm happy just doing simple stuff.  I'll do hard stuff if I have to.  I like Knuth.  Earlier I was talking shit because some people don't appreciate the talent for making hard shit look easy.  Doing hard shit is probably harder.
Oh Hell-no!
I wrote a compiler.  Knuth ... might be able to write a compiler, LOL.  Maybe, not, actually.
You don't understand "Perfect" means no other binary format, just a pure 64-bit format, not Elf or some shit.
I want to get rid of FAT32 support and make Microsoft support ReaSea.
Can you now see that you are a nigger and think like a nigger?
You are a zombie who is fighting the last war and is so stupid he doesn't know all his thoughts are not-just unoriginal but wrong!
You are thinking about Linux and not wisely.  And worst, you got an attitude!
You are niggers.
You are so stupid, you cannot fathom how stupid you are.
Jesus said the guy who builds half a house should be ridiculed.
Yeah, nobody wants to "block" for fear of being ridiculed.  You are a neanderthal if you block.
Guess what?  You SHOULD block on the keyboard input in a debugger.  None of you amaterus wrote a debugger.  A professional writes a debugger first-thing when starting a new platform.  This was standard, routine policy at Ticketmaster. new hardware? Write a debugger.
That's what makes me feel proud -- simpler than everybody else.  That's what I live for.  It's not that great, I guess.
I'm not doing PCI devices.
LOL  God called me a homo.  That last piece sounded all psychological, LOL. Have you ever encountered a fierce homo who's all worked-up explaining the psychology of what just happened?
(The funny thing is I get pestered by homo shrinks.)
I don't market it as high performance.  That's as misguided as programming in all-assembly language and calling the rest of the world stupid for using compilers.
I'm so confident, I'll let future generations do what they like with-in the 100,000 lines of code limit.
The funny thing is I have just keyboard, mouse, disk, CDROM and VGA and CPUs and PIT and PIC and Internal Speaker.
I'm not selling it on performance, but on simplicity, which is an odd thing. The logic is that open source matters to some people because the source code is meant to be looked-at.
In my operating system it is awesome because I have no limits and I don't check for running out of memory, so the code is super simple and you almost never have limits.
Someone said something about Kevin, my brother.  That's like Billy Carter.  He has nothing to do with my operating system.  We do not talk.  He has some wisdom, but not much academic distinction.  I have a master's in electrical engineering.  It's white collar and blue collar.  He's a labor liberal.  Our politics are very different.  I don't think he gives God much thought.  He's a hippy.
The radio said good Cuban baseball players go to the United States.
I asked God one time if the World was perfectly just.  He asked if I was calling Him lazy.
You are supposed to love God.
You are supposed to praise God.
You are not supposed to covet.
If you are heathen communist atheists, I hardly need to tread lightly.
I encounter a lot of latins who look at me and think they are just as good if not better.  My personality is I am deceptively easy to misunderestimate.