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ref: e72da62915b09d5673b0c0179ba8dfe045aeb8c3
dir: /sys/include/complete.h/

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#pragma	lib	"libcomplete.a"
#pragma src "/sys/src/libcomplete"

typedef struct Completion Completion;

struct Completion{
	uchar advance;		/* whether forward progress has been made */
	uchar complete;	/* whether the completion now represents a file or directory */
	char *string;		/* the string to advance, suffixed " " or "/" for file or directory */
	int nmatch;		/* number of files that matched */
	int nfile;			/* number of files returned */
	char **filename;	/* their names */

Completion* complete(char *dir, char *s);
void freecompletion(Completion*);