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dir: /sys/include/event.h/

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#pragma src "/sys/src/libdraw"
#pragma lib "libdraw.a"

typedef struct	Cursor Cursor;
typedef struct	Event Event;
typedef struct	Menu Menu;

	Emouse		= 1,
	Ekeyboard	= 2,

	EMAXMSG = 128+8192,	/* size of 9p header+data */

struct	Mouse
	int	buttons;	/* bit array: LMR=124 */
	Point	xy;
	ulong	msec;

struct	Event
	int	kbdc;
	Mouse	mouse;
	int	n;		/* number of characters in message */
	void	*v;		/* data unpacked by general event-handling function */
	uchar	data[EMAXMSG];	/* message from an arbitrary file descriptor */

struct Menu
	char	**item;
	char	*(*gen)(int);
	int	lasthit;

 * Events
extern void	 einit(ulong);
extern ulong	 estart(ulong, int, int);
extern ulong	 estartfn(ulong, int, int, int (*fn)(int, Event*, uchar*, int));
extern ulong	 etimer(ulong, int);
extern ulong	 event(Event*);
extern ulong	 eread(ulong, Event*);
extern Mouse	 emouse(void);
extern int	 ekbd(void);
extern int	 ecanread(ulong);
extern int	 ecanmouse(void);
extern int	 ecankbd(void);
extern void	 eresized(int);	/* supplied by user */
extern int	 emenuhit(int, Mouse*, Menu*);
extern int	eatomouse(Mouse*, char*, int);
extern Rectangle	getrect(int, Mouse*);
extern void	 esetcursor(Cursor*);
extern void	 emoveto(Point);
extern Rectangle	egetrect(int, Mouse*);
extern void		edrawgetrect(Rectangle, int);
extern int		ereadmouse(Mouse*);
extern int		eatomouse(Mouse*, char*, int);
extern int		eenter(char*, char*, int, Mouse*);