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ref: e72da62915b09d5673b0c0179ba8dfe045aeb8c3
dir: /sys/include/scribble.h/

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#pragma src "/sys/src/libscribble"
#pragma lib "libscribble.a"

#pragma incomplete struct graffiti

typedef struct Scribble Scribble;
typedef struct graffiti Graffiti;

typedef struct pen_point {
	long	chaincode;
} pen_point;

typedef struct Stroke {
	uint			npts;	/*Number of pen_point in array.*/
	pen_point*	pts;	/*Array of points.*/
} Stroke;

#define CS_LETTERS     0
#define CS_DIGITS      1

struct Scribble {
	/* private state */
	Point		*pt;
	int			ppasize;
	Stroke	    	ps;
	Graffiti	*graf;
	int			capsLock;
	int			puncShift;
	int			tmpShift;
	int			ctrlShift;
	int			curCharSet;

Rune		recognize(Scribble *);
Scribble *	scribblealloc(void);

extern int ScribbleDebug;