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ref: e72da62915b09d5673b0c0179ba8dfe045aeb8c3
dir: /sys/include/tos.h/

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typedef struct Tos Tos;
typedef struct Plink Plink;

#pragma incomplete Plink

struct Tos {
	struct			/* Per process profiling */
		Plink	*pp;	/* known to be 0(ptr) */
		Plink	*next;	/* known to be 4(ptr) */
		Plink	*last;
		Plink	*first;
		ulong	pid;
		ulong	what;
	} prof;
	uvlong	cyclefreq;	/* cycle clock frequency if there is one, 0 otherwise */
	vlong	kcycles;	/* cycles spent in kernel */
	vlong	pcycles;	/* cycles spent in process (kernel + user) */
	ulong	pid;		/* might as well put the pid here */
	ulong	clock;
	/* top of stack is here */

extern Tos *_tos;