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"""Package for parsing and compiling Python source code

There are several functions defined at the top level that are imported
from modules contained in the package.

parse(buf, mode="exec") -> AST
    Converts a string containing Python source code to an abstract
    syntax tree (AST).  The AST is defined in compiler.ast.

parseFile(path) -> AST
    The same as parse(open(path))

walk(ast, visitor, verbose=None)
    Does a pre-order walk over the ast using the visitor instance.
    See compiler.visitor for details.

compile(source, filename, mode, flags=None, dont_inherit=None)
    Returns a code object.  A replacement for the builtin compile() function.

    Generates a .pyc file by compiling filename.

from compiler.transformer import parse, parseFile
from compiler.visitor import walk
from compiler.pycodegen import compile, compileFile