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Provides exceptions used by the Distutils modules.  Note that Distutils
modules may raise standard exceptions; in particular, SystemExit is
usually raised for errors that are obviously the end-user's fault
(eg. bad command-line arguments).

This module is safe to use in "from ... import *" mode; it only exports
symbols whose names start with "Distutils" and end with "Error"."""

# This module should be kept compatible with Python 2.1.

__revision__ = "$Id: 37828 2004-11-10 22:23:15Z loewis $"

class DistutilsError (Exception):
    """The root of all Distutils evil."""

class DistutilsModuleError (DistutilsError):
    """Unable to load an expected module, or to find an expected class
    within some module (in particular, command modules and classes)."""

class DistutilsClassError (DistutilsError):
    """Some command class (or possibly distribution class, if anyone
    feels a need to subclass Distribution) is found not to be holding
    up its end of the bargain, ie. implementing some part of the
    "command "interface."""

class DistutilsGetoptError (DistutilsError):
    """The option table provided to 'fancy_getopt()' is bogus."""

class DistutilsArgError (DistutilsError):
    """Raised by fancy_getopt in response to getopt.error -- ie. an
    error in the command line usage."""

class DistutilsFileError (DistutilsError):
    """Any problems in the filesystem: expected file not found, etc.
    Typically this is for problems that we detect before IOError or
    OSError could be raised."""

class DistutilsOptionError (DistutilsError):
    """Syntactic/semantic errors in command options, such as use of
    mutually conflicting options, or inconsistent options,
    badly-spelled values, etc.  No distinction is made between option
    values originating in the setup script, the command line, config
    files, or what-have-you -- but if we *know* something originated in
    the setup script, we'll raise DistutilsSetupError instead."""

class DistutilsSetupError (DistutilsError):
    """For errors that can be definitely blamed on the setup script,
    such as invalid keyword arguments to 'setup()'."""

class DistutilsPlatformError (DistutilsError):
    """We don't know how to do something on the current platform (but
    we do know how to do it on some platform) -- eg. trying to compile
    C files on a platform not supported by a CCompiler subclass."""

class DistutilsExecError (DistutilsError):
    """Any problems executing an external program (such as the C
    compiler, when compiling C files)."""

class DistutilsInternalError (DistutilsError):
    """Internal inconsistencies or impossibilities (obviously, this
    should never be seen if the code is working!)."""

class DistutilsTemplateError (DistutilsError):
    """Syntax error in a file list template."""

# Exception classes used by the CCompiler implementation classes
class CCompilerError (Exception):
    """Some compile/link operation failed."""

class PreprocessError (CCompilerError):
    """Failure to preprocess one or more C/C++ files."""

class CompileError (CCompilerError):
    """Failure to compile one or more C/C++ source files."""

class LibError (CCompilerError):
    """Failure to create a static library from one or more C/C++ object

class LinkError (CCompilerError):
    """Failure to link one or more C/C++ object files into an executable
    or shared library file."""

class UnknownFileError (CCompilerError):
    """Attempt to process an unknown file type."""