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""" - Tools for working with functions and callable objects
# Python module wrapper for _functools C module
# to allow utilities written in Python to be added
# to the functools module.
# Written by Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at>
#   Copyright (C) 2006 Python Software Foundation.
# See C source code for _functools credits/copyright

from _functools import partial

# update_wrapper() and wraps() are tools to help write
# wrapper functions that can handle naive introspection

WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS = ('__module__', '__name__', '__doc__')
WRAPPER_UPDATES = ('__dict__',)
def update_wrapper(wrapper,
                   assigned = WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS,
                   updated = WRAPPER_UPDATES):
    """Update a wrapper function to look like the wrapped function

       wrapper is the function to be updated
       wrapped is the original function
       assigned is a tuple naming the attributes assigned directly
       from the wrapped function to the wrapper function (defaults to
       updated is a tuple naming the attributes off the wrapper that
       are updated with the corresponding attribute from the wrapped
       function (defaults to functools.WRAPPER_UPDATES)
    for attr in assigned:
        setattr(wrapper, attr, getattr(wrapped, attr))
    for attr in updated:
        getattr(wrapper, attr).update(getattr(wrapped, attr, {}))
    # Return the wrapper so this can be used as a decorator via partial()
    return wrapper

def wraps(wrapped,
          assigned = WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS,
          updated = WRAPPER_UPDATES):
    """Decorator factory to apply update_wrapper() to a wrapper function

       Returns a decorator that invokes update_wrapper() with the decorated
       function as the wrapper argument and the arguments to wraps() as the
       remaining arguments. Default arguments are as for update_wrapper().
       This is a convenience function to simplify applying partial() to
    return partial(update_wrapper, wrapped=wrapped,
                   assigned=assigned, updated=updated)