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# base class for tk common dialogues
# this module provides a base class for accessing the common
# dialogues available in Tk 4.2 and newer.  use tkFileDialog,
# tkColorChooser, and tkMessageBox to access the individual
# dialogs.
# written by Fredrik Lundh, May 1997

from Tkinter import *

class Dialog:

    command  = None

    def __init__(self, master=None, **options):

        # FIXME: should this be placed on the module level instead?
        if TkVersion < 4.2:
            raise TclError, "this module requires Tk 4.2 or newer"

        self.master  = master
        self.options = options
        if not master and options.get('parent'):
            self.master = options['parent']

    def _fixoptions(self):
        pass # hook

    def _fixresult(self, widget, result):
        return result # hook

    def show(self, **options):

        # update instance options
        for k, v in options.items():
            self.options[k] = v


        # we need a dummy widget to properly process the options
        # (at least as long as we use Tkinter 1.63)
        w = Frame(self.master)


            s =, *w._options(self.options))

            s = self._fixresult(w, s)


                # get rid of the widget

        return s