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venti.conf  \- a venti configuration file
A venti configuration file enumerates the various index sections and
arenas that constitute a venti system.
The components are indicated by the name of the file, typically
a disk partition, in which they reside.  The configuration
file is the only location that file names are used.  Internally,
venti uses the names assigned when the components were formatted
.I fmtarenas
.I fmtisect
.IR venti-fmt (8)).
In particular, by changing the configuration a
component can be copied to a different file.
The configuration file consists of lines in the form described below.
Lines starting with
.B #
are comments.
.BI index " name
Names the index for the system.
.BI arenas " file
.I File
contains a collection of arenas, formatted using
.IR fmtarenas .
.BI isect " file
.I File
contains an index section, formatted using
.IR fmtisect .
After formatting a venti system using
.IR fmtindex ,
the order of arenas and index sections should not be changed.
Additional arenas can be appended to the configuration.
The configuration file optionally holds configuration parameters
for the venti server itself.
These are:
.BI mem " cachesize
.BI bcmem " blockcachesize
.BI icmem " indexcachesize
.BI addr " ventiaddress
.BI httpaddr " httpaddress
.B queuewrites
.IR venti (8)
for descriptions of these variables.
# a sample venti configuration file
# formatted with
#	venti/fmtarenas arena. /tmp/disks/arenas
# 	venti/fmtisect isect0 /tmp/disks/isect0
# 	venti/fmtisect isect1 /tmp/disks/isect1
#	venti/fmtindex venti.conf
# server is started with
#	venti/venti

# the name of the index
index main

# the index sections
isect /tmp/disks/isect0
isect /tmp/disks/isect1

# the arenas
arenas /tmp/disks/arenas
.IR fs (3),
.IR venti (8),
.IR venti-fmt (8)