code: plan9front

ref: fe5d1976a0b4376c955ca8423eb9005f5d035403
dir: /sys/src/libndb/ndbhf.h/

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/* a hash file */
struct Ndbhf
	Ndbhf	*next;

	int	fd;
	ulong	dbmtime;	/* mtime of data base */
	int	hlen;		/* length (in entries) of hash table */
	char	attr[Ndbalen];	/* attribute hashed */

	uchar	buf[256];	/* hash file buffer */
	ulong	off;		/* offset of first byte of buffer */
	int	len;		/* length of valid data in buffer */

char*		_ndbparsetuple(char*, Ndbtuple**);
Ndbtuple*	_ndbparseline(char*);

#define ISWHITE(x) ((x) == ' ' || (x) == '\t' || (x) == '\r')
#define EATWHITE(x) while(ISWHITE(*(x)))(x)++

extern Ndbtuple *_ndbtfree;

/* caches */
void	_ndbcacheflush(Ndb *db);
int	_ndbcachesearch(Ndb *db, Ndbs *s, char *attr, char *val, Ndbtuple **t);
Ndbtuple* _ndbcacheadd(Ndb *db, Ndbs *s, char *attr, char *val, Ndbtuple *t);