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Post-installation setup procedures

Note: When in doubt, refer to the install document located in /doc.

If directories are missing, such as when running hosted, run makestubs as per:

	; makestubs

If you want to create a new user by name on the fs, if hosted:

	; newuser myusername

To set up an auth server on a new hosted install and user $user:

	; newuser $user							# Make user on fs
	; auth/createsignerkey		# Create signer key
	; svc/auth &							# Start auth server
	Key: myserverpassword
	Confirm key: myserverpassword
	; auth/changelogin $user				# Configure user's auth
	secret: myuserpassword
	confirm: myuserpassword
	expires [DDMMYYYY/permanent, ...]: permanent

To set up a client to an auth server on a new hosted install with $user:

	; getauthinfo default
	use signer [$SIGNER]:
	remote user name [someuser]: $user
	password: myuserpassword
	save in file [yes]: yes

Note: Substitute localhost for if you're just running local Inferno instances.