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82a3f55c – henesy – 2019-03-13T02:19:12-04:00
add missing files ;; add pete whois/tac

8a788aea – henesy – 2019-03-11T17:01:35-04:00
add some missing binaries

f8935b57 – henesy – 2019-03-11T17:01:08-04:00
merge updates from december 2018 from official repo ;; add vga font

27ca2618 – henesy – 2019-03-11T15:37:56-04:00
add makemk-AIX

0ec1cfd7 – henesy – 2019-03-11T15:13:12-04:00
fix wording in Windows build instructions ;; add support for $font and $Font checks in acme (thanks aeggy) ;; fix missing disk.b and disk.m

d916a4c3 – henesy – 2019-03-11T03:36:51-04:00
Add primitive Nt build instructions tested on Win10

43de7b84 – henesy – 2019-03-09T17:17:03-05:00
Add EMU= option in mkconfig to allow headless builds (thanks aeggy)

482e8745 – henesy – 2019-03-08T15:29:18-05:00
add usage to newuser ;; document newuser

41e27b2d – henesy – 2019-03-04T18:16:37-05:00
this module is required to be loaded to use these functions

7a7dfee4 – henesy – 2018-11-17T00:19:43-05:00
move logic to newuser for ease of use

27598a9c – henesy – 2018-11-17T00:10:49-05:00
Fix makestubs scribs

9f76a7f6 – henesy – 2018-11-12T00:33:38-05:00

ccd7f9f1 – henesy – 2018-11-12T00:32:59-05:00
add extra INSTALL step to create stub directories

995a32b2 – henesy – 2018-11-08T13:50:52-05:00
Add /dis

d7809194 – henesy – 2018-11-07T01:57:51-05:00
rework profile chain to be better

b5bc6572 – henesy – 2018-11-05T14:49:24-05:00
add naive find to ease searching

d0ab3a0d – henesy – 2018-11-05T14:30:01-05:00
make /n mntgen dir

57c522a6 – henesy – 2018-11-05T13:42:59-05:00
fix networking to be in scope when emu is first called

02ac6175 – henesy – 2018-11-05T13:14:27-05:00
make net! mounts work out of the box via bind in profile

db0eab9c – henesy – 2018-11-05T12:50:01-05:00
add gr and cleanup dis adds

fa9f4c5c – henesy – 2018-11-05T03:26:39-05:00
make profile start more useful things at login

d21de87d – henesy – 2018-11-05T02:44:49-05:00
fix missing elements and tweak scripts; add makestubs to ease install process

e17484e9 – henesy – 2018-11-04T12:37:54-05:00
include Nt

7975eec3 – henesy – 2018-11-04T12:36:16-05:00
add os and such

147d51bf – henesy – 2018-11-04T12:33:14-05:00
add utils and such

ef6ce918 – henesy – 2018-11-04T12:24:23-05:00
add platforms

09cf3c0a – henesy – 2018-11-04T12:22:13-05:00
add fonts icons and dis

a600cca5 – henesy – 2018-11-04T12:16:24-05:00
init 3

d990c25d – henesy – 2018-11-04T12:03:02-05:00
init 3

70f57939 – henesy – 2018-11-04T03:28:43-05:00
init 2

42d448ae – henesy – 2018-11-04T02:52:02-05:00
initial commit, breaking up initialisation